About us

The DEZ LOGISTICS company, with its headquarters in Gdynia, provides professional transport and forwarding services of international road transport throughout Europe, and forwarding services of maritime transport. Excellent knowledge of legal regulations, commercial contracts and local economic norms allows us to specialize in the carriage of cargo both on the territory of the European Union as well as to the countries of Eastern Europe, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

DEZ LOGISTICS company, thanks to its convenient location in Poland – the very center of Europe, its own rolling stock and permanent cooperation with trusted Polish and Russian carriers, offers the maximum shortening of the logistics chain by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries. In addition, low employment costs, in Poland and Russia, compared to Western European countries (especially since the creation of the Minimum Wage Act in Germany, called MiLog) allow us competitive rates in relation to Western logistics operators, while maintaining the same quality of services. All this results in lower transport costs, and therefore tangible benefits for your company.

Functioning in the current, dynamically changing global economy, especially in the issues of Eastern and Southern Europe, requires knowledge of local international relations, analytical skills, and above all experience that the founders of DEZ LOGISICS have been winning from the beginning of their professional careers. All this allows for excellent handling of forwarding orders. Moving in delicate legal spheres, specific for the Eastern market, requires determination and knowledge of local customs. By ordering all activities of DEZ LOGISTICS you can be sure that you will be represented by professionals.

DEZ LOGISTICS SP. Z O.O., NIP: 9581666773, ul., Biała 11, 81-114 Gdynia
tel: +48 585860969, e-mail: biuro@dez-logistics.com