Road Freight Forwarding

The road forwarding department is a dynamic team of professionals who, after receiving an offer inquiry, performs a thorough analysis of a given market area to present a possible offer to the most competitive customer – both in domestic and international transport. Maintaining good relations with contract carriers is conducive to obtaining economically justified transport rates, which is why by entrusting DEZ LOGISTICS transport you can be sure that when moving the given goods, no unexpected or hidden charges will be generated. Full-load forwarding covers all of Europe and part of Asia with its operations. We have a fleet that meets the strict ecological standards EURO 5 and EURO 6. These trailers are fully equipped, which allows the transport of various types of full truck loads, starting from textile products, through paper in rolls, food and frozen products, to steel products. We also have specialist semitrailers, such as tanks, dump trucks and platforms for transporting oversize loads by weight or overall dimensions. Thanks to the constantly developed cooperation with carriers, in response to your inquiry, we will offer you the optimal logistics solution, minimizing transport costs, and maximizing your profit and satisfaction.

We will be pleased to present our price proposals in response to your transport inquiries. Freights in road transport depend on the region of loading and unloading, seasonality and the problematic nature of the route. The prices of freight in various transport relations are sometimes very diverse depending on the geographical and economic situation, season of the year and many other factors. The general cargo road forwarding service is based on contractual cooperation with carriers and warehouses in many places in Europe, allowing consolidation of even the smallest overall shipments, which, depending on the distance they are to travel, are grouped to the largest parties in a given transport direction. Then, the cost of such transport remains at the lowest, competitive level. DEZ LOGISTIC also guarantees specialized handling of dangerous goods in accordance with the ADR Convention of all classes, vehicles subject to the norms of the said Convention. We also have a specialist fleet, such as platforms for transporting oversized cargo, which are individually adapted to a given load on a particular route. Other specialized semi-trailers we provide are tieffbetty, silos, tipper trucks, as well as container-trailers.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

The sea freight department handles sea freight from the Far East, as well as trade routes with North and South America with Western Europe. We offer full container FCL transport and LCL groupage. Optimally organized shipments delivery door-2-door is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We provide you with competitive container freight, as well as comprehensive import container service from China, because acting on the market as a well-known logistics operator, we can obtain a cost-effective consolidation of general cargo shipments on a given trade route. We deal with forwarding and customs services in export, import and transit. We provide port services and transport of containers by road transport from Polish and German ports, as well as reloading from containers to standard semi-trailers adapted to transport palletized loads. We provide professional assistance and advice in the field of sea freight.


We provide comprehensive storage services in Poland and Europe. We provide consultancy in finding optimal logistics solutions that go beyond the template services of large operators. The flexibility of the storage offer is of particular importance to small and medium-sized businesses, because it translates it is much lower losses in periods of lower economic conditions. That is why our offer is tailored to the needs of such enterprises. Prices for services warehousing is negotiated individually with each of the potential customers. potential clients.


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